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Entreprise :SHARE
Ville :Lomé
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Éducation, formation
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Description de l'entreprise

ShARE is a societal start-up at the crossroads of education and consulting which has developed a leadership programme for university students to supplement their academic curriculum, and offers corporates a new way to do consulting and access top talents. Today, bright students from top universities have to choose between a “do well” career (i.e. the corporate world) and a “do good” career (i.e. the NGO world).

We believe that this dual framework is not effective anymore and a new generation of leader is needed to face the 21st century's most pressing challenges. That’s why ShARE exists: to create a new generation of leaders who will do well for themselves and do good for the world.

ShARE currently offers a world-class leadership programme to 700 bright students from over 30 top universities across 15 countries.