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In 2004, Integrate Health formerly known as Hope Through Health was founded in partnership with a dynamic group of individuals living with HIV. At that time, HIV was a death sentence. Yet these resilient activists refused to accept that their right to health was denied simply because of where they lived. We chose to fight alongside them. Thanks in part to our work to build and scale one of the most effective HIV care programs in Togo, HIV is no longer a death sentence it is a manageable chronic disease.

Despite this success, primary healthcare is still not widely available in Togo. One in ten children born in Togo will die before their fifth birthday because they have no access to healthcare. The systems we built for HIV have failed to be integrated throughout the country. Our challenge is to integrate health into every community and clinic. Our vision is for a world where everyone, everywhere has access to high-quality healthcare. We believe that integration is an essential component in making that happen. 

We are a highly efficient, data-driven organization that remains community-led and committed, above all, to having the greatest possible impact for our patients. To do this, we integrate Community Health Workers with improved health clinic to deliver high quality primary care to our patient’s front door. We integrate our programs with those that are government run to achieve scale and sustainability. We integrate our services into community structures to go deeper and address underlying social determinants of health to enable patients to live healthier lives. And, we integrate our patients into the design and management of our programs to ensure they are responsive to the actual needs on the ground. We believe that integration is our path to achieving health for all.